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Academic Vision: Access to Excellence

TRU's Academic Plan ensures our students have access to a research-informed education and our communities have access to the benefits of scholarly, research and creative activities to solve community problems and enrich community life.

The varied ways in which TRU is implementing the Academic Plan, from Aboriginal TRU Start and Global Competency, to programs like Interdisciplinary Studies and the Teaching and Learning Scholars, provide students with access to excellence.

Read implementation stories for each of the Plan's guiding principles:

Responding to the needs of TRU’s rich diversity of learners, the plan promotes creative, interdisciplinary exploration within the following four themes:

  • Science, Technology and Applied Skills in Society
  • Power, Politics and Social Justice
  • Health, Well-Being and Leisure
  • Environmental, Economic, Social and Cultural Sustainability

Implementation of new programs, research, teaching and learning innovations and interdisciplinary initiatives are supported by TRU’s Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching.

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