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Continuing Studies: Home Improvement

Please call 250-392-8010 if you are interested in the following:

Drywall • XHOM 0710

This 1-day dry walling workshop will guide you through the "need to knows" of proper drywall installation including:

  • the tools used in the trade
  • measurement taking
  • how to cut drywall
  • "mudding" techniques and the different types of mud
  • proper installation of ceilings and walls

Fee: $125
Date: Please contact Continuing Studies at 250.392.8010.

Hardwood and Laminate Floors XWOO 0490

Upon completion of this workshop, you will be able to complete successful flooring job by:

  • identifying the various types of flooring
  • developing an understanding of the use and cre of the flooring used
  • laying out the area for flooring using materials and glues to fasten flooring
  • proper care and maintenance for your new floor
  • how to know what to ask for when purchasing your flooring

Fee: $139
Dates: Please contact Continuing Studies at 250.392.8010.

Spring Pruning

This one-day workshop will review important concepts such as good tree structure, what to cut and where to cut, pruning to encourage production in fruit trees, as well as maintenance of pruning tools. Learn the importance of pruning to maintain tree health. There will be a strong focus on modern thinking-minimizing the number of cuts so the tree can heal rapidly. Acquire the basic skills to know "good pruning" from "bad pruning".

Fee: $145

Mar 18;
Saturday, 9 am - 4 pm

Fore more information, please call 250.392.8010 or

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Working with Electrical Systems in the Home • XELC 0760

Changing a light fixture around the house? Wanting to add extra plugs or a ground fault? This program covers the basics and the safety aspects of electrical wiring for homeowners wanting to work safely with the electrical systems in the typical home. Upon completion of this course, students will know how to install that extra plug correctly and whether a permit is required. All safety and legal concerns will be addressed in this course.

Fee: $139
Dates: Please contact Continuing Studies at 250.392.8010.