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Photography for Beginners
Roadside Emergency Preparedness for Youth
Safe Driver, Learner's Program
Wine Tasting and Pairing

Photography for Beginners

Not sure how to get the most from your camera? Catching those memorable photos is always challenging, especially with children or during holiday get-togethers. If you would like to learn how to take a better picture with your camera, this course can help. 

This introductory course will cover:

  • your camera and accessories
  • controlling exposure
  • aperture and shutter speed
  • composing interesting photographs
  • using the on-camera flash
  • creating painless people pictures

Students will need to bring their Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera to class.Contact Continuing Studies at 250.392.8010 or email to have your name placed on an interest list for upcoming course information.

Bio for Jesse Madden


Jesse Madden, Beginner Photography Instructor: Jesse was born and raised in Williams Lake and graduated from OUC with a Fine Arts Diploma in 1999. Jesse then moved on to being accepted into the Photography program, at North Island College where she spent 10 months immersed in nothing but photography before graduating with a diploma in 2000. Jesse provided photography-related work in Victoria for 4 years before moving back to Williams Lake in 2005, when she then started Jesse Madden Photography in 2011.  She has been busy developing her photography style along with learning new techniques, gathering a wonderful client list and teaching others her love of photography. She is an outgoing, talented artist with a love of outdoor activities and nature. Jesse has a professional, easy-going nature that puts people at ease.

Fee: $165

Dates: May 2 - 16; Tuesdays: 6 - 9 pm + 2 Saturdays: 10 am - 3:30 pm

Please call 250.392.8010 for more information or

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Defensive Driving

Defensive driving can benefit any driver looking to gain a deeper understanding of recognizing road hazards from environmental conditions or from other drivers, determining the best defensive action and acting in time.   If you would like to attend a course that promotes life-long safe driving habits please contact 250-392-8010 to have your name put on an interest list.

Roadside Emergency Preparedness for Youth

Having your vehicle break down can be a stressful experience, especially if you are unprepared or unknowing as to what to do next.  Proper planning and preparedness is key to being ready in a roadside emergency event.  This workshop will walk you through tips on how to handle that roadside emergency as well as:

Tire Health
Tire pressure checks
Uneven tread wear (what could it mean?)
Changing a flat tire,
Looking under the hood
Checking fluid levels
Engine oil, Brakes
Power steering
Automatic transmission
Condition of belts and hoses
Radiator airflow
Tips on how to handle that roadside emergency scenario.

Please contact 250.392.8010 to have your name added to our interest list.

Safe Driver, Learner’s Program

Four Winds Driving School and TRU, have teamed up to provide quality beginner driver theory training to individuals who are looking to obtain their Learner’s “L”, or have already obtained their Learner’s “L” and would like to pursue their new driver status “N”.  The program has been designed to develop confidence and independence while covering topics such as: Rules of the Road, Make Safe Driving Decisions, Sharing the Road, Different Driving Environments and much more.

Please contact 250.392.8010 to have your name added to our interest list.

Wine Tasting and Pairing • XFOO 0440

Looking for that perfect bottle of wine to present at your dinner party or as a gift?  Join us to explore the world of wines and how to pair them with the right foods.  Discover wine history, myths and break stereo types through learning the varietals.  Learn the four steps to wine tasting excellence and how to pick out descriptive wording.  Then put your new found knowledge to the test with actual wine tasting and pairing.  Discuss taste, pair exploration, storing and buying.

Please contact 250.392.8010 to have your name added to our interest list.