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Fentanyl — what you need to know

Reports of overdose deaths involving the opiate fentanyl have been prevalent in the media recently. What does this mean? What is fentanyl? What can be done to prevent these tragic events from happening?

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Wellness Updates

Love is in the air—all week long

   Tuesday, February 14

Valentine’s Day is not just about flowers and heart shaped boxes of chocolate

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Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships, February 14-17

   Tuesday, January 31

This February, the Wellness Centre tackles healthy relationships and fostering positive relationships, romantic and otherwise.

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Healthy Living Week

Healthy Living Week, February 6-10

   Monday, January 30

This February, the Wellness Centre offers tips and tackles healthy living.

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Resolutions made easier with mindfulness

   Thursday, January 12

The power and flexibility of mindfulness can bolster your New Year's Resolutions and goals throughout the year.

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Cheeky Christmas elves instigate festive follies

   Wednesday, December 14

Elves causing havoc in Student Services

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All is well at the Wellness Centre

   Friday, December 9

Asking for help is a key to success through life – help with health and wellness is no exception.

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Keeping an eye out for miracles

   Thursday, December 8

Unfollow and refocus. TRU Williams Lake counselor discusses the emotional strain of social media, taking stressful news stories in stride.

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