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Fentanyl — what you need to know

Reports of overdose deaths involving the opiate fentanyl have been prevalent in the media recently. What does this mean? What is fentanyl? What can be done to prevent these tragic events from happening?

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The Canada Period Project is on now. Please bring any menstruation products to Student Services in OM 1631 until Monday, June 12, 2017. If you can't make it to Old Main you can still help by donating funds on their Go Fund Me page at:
You can really help out other people who might struggle to afford to purchase these on their own. Thank you!



Freaking out? Learn how to manage stress and still be a successful student.


Pigging out? Check out easy recipes and nutrition tips for university students.


Look for one of our fun and educational events on campus throughout the year.


Find out how important sleep is and how you can sleep better.

Wellness Updates

Social Media Ambassadors

Three cheers for peers

   Wednesday, April 26 2017

The Peer Recognition Event on April 12 honored the volunteers, mentors, advisors and tutors from a number of campus organizations.

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Support and services available throughout the summer semesters

   Tuesday, April 25 2017

Set goals, stay on top of your studies, support your health and wellbeing; take advantage of the slower pace on campus over the summer.

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Pace yourself with safe partying practices

   Wednesday, March 15 2017

Socialize and celebrate but consider smart partying practices to ensure that your night out is a night to remember, for all the right reason

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Long Night Against Procrastination reignites academic spark

   Thursday, March 9 2017

Hosted by the Library and the Writing Centre, LNAP encourages community connectedness and good study practices in a positive and productive environment.

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Love is in the air—all week long

   Tuesday, February 14 2017

Valentine’s Day is not just about flowers and heart shaped boxes of chocolate

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Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationships, February 14-17

   Tuesday, January 31 2017

This February, the Wellness Centre tackles healthy relationships and fostering positive relationships, romantic and otherwise.

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Healthy Living Week

Healthy Living Week, February 6-10

   Monday, January 30 2017

This February, the Wellness Centre offers tips and tackles healthy living.

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