Respiratory Health and Sleep Science Conference

Fifth Annual TRU Respiratory Health & Sleep Science Conference
March 6,7-8 2014
TRU Campus Activity Centre
2014 Schedule

Thursday March 6th

 Evening events

Early Registration and Conference Set Up & Social for all Registration 6:00 pm 
6:00 - 9:30 pm Exhibit area open to All !
7 pm to 8 pm - Children and Sleep: A Parents Perspective - Kirsten Graham Brown House of Learning:  Barber Centre
2014 Schedule                                                   Friday, March 7th
0730 - 0830 Continental Breakfast in Mountain Room Exhibit Hall; various a la Carte items with Coffee/Tea

Pediatric Sleep  in  Grandhall A Sleep / PSG   in   Alpine Room First Floor Respiratory and Community Health   in   Grand Hall B CAC Main floor
Lecture Room in TRUSU
08:10 - 0825  Opening Remarks and Introductions (Grandhall A)  Opening Remarks and Introductions  (Grandhall A) Opening Remarks and Introductions  (Grandhall A)  
0830 - 9:15  SS1A Grassroots Pediatric Sleep
Remi Hamonic RRT
SS1B Diagnostic Aspects of Sleep Disordered Breathing 
Nic Butkov RPSGT
SS1C Control Measures for HIV and TB in BC
J. Sorge RRT MPH (C)
09:15 - 930 Refreshments Exhibit Area Mountain Room Up Stairs
9:30 - 10:15  SS2A Sleep in Clinical Practice
Dr. A Davey 
SS2B Basic Concepts of PAP Therapy
Nic Butkov RPSGT
SS2C Intro to  Provincial Respiratory Outreach Program (PROP)
Elaina Zebroff RRT
10:30  - 11:25 SS3A Families and Sleep 
Diane Henry RN
SS3B Sleep and Orthodontics Part 1
Dr. E. Liem
SS3C  Provincial Respiratory Outreach Program (PROP) - ETT and Trach Ventilation
Elaina Zebroff RRT
11:25 - 13:30 Lunch and Posters in Exhibit Area - Open ( 07:30 - 17:00 )
13:30 - 14:15

SS4A Special Needs Kids and Sleep
Dr. O.  Ipsiroglu

SS4B Alternate Therapies for SDB
Dr. Ron Cridland

SS4C Pre-OP Airway Assessment and Management 
Randy Moss RRT

SS4D - Breathing Under Water: Mechanisms and Environmental Sources of Respiratory Distress
Dr. Brian Heise

14:25 - 15:05
SS5A   Tracheostomy in Pediatrics 
Debbie Cain RRT
SS5B PTSD and Sleep  
David Darwin BA, M.Ed
SS5C  Reducing COPD Exacerbations in the Real World 
Dr. T. Fera
SS5D - Effects of Air Pollution on Birds
Dr. Matt Reudink
15:05 - 15:20 Coffee and refreshments Sponsored by Medigas in exhibit Area - Mountain Room

15:20 - 16:00 SS6A Restless legs and PLMs  
Dr. Ipsiroglu
SS6B COPD , Asthma and Sleep
Dr.A.  Minhas
SS6C Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT) and compliance to Therapies
D. Darwin BA, M.Ed.
SS6D To Sleep, Perchance to Hibernate 
Dr. V. Collins
16:10 - 16:50

SS7A Sleep issues for Families and Health
Case Studies and Panel of Experts
SS7B Sleep Deprivation and Performance 
Dr. D. Weisgerber
SS7C - Lvad and Diaphragmatic Pacing 
Debbie Cain RRT
SS7D Android APP for STOP-Bang screening in Health (EHealth)
Dr. Kwiatkowska and Dr. Haytham El Miligi
!7:00 - 17:45
Time to prepare for: 
Banquet in Terrace + Awards
Prepare for Banquet Prepare for Banquet
1800 Banquet in Terrace + Awards      
20:00 - 0100 Dance/Party in Heroes CAC      


Saturday, March 8th

07:30 - 08:30 Continental Breakfast in Mountain Room Exhibit Hall; various a la Carte items with Coffee/Tea

Exhibits Open 07:30 - 15:45
  Grandhall A Alpine Room First Floor Granhall B
Pediatric Sleep PSG  Resp/ RT                      
08:00 - 08:30    
08:30 - 09:15 SS8A  Sensory Processing and Sleep Disorders 
Jennifer Garden OT
SS8B Oral Appliances for Snoring and OSA 
Dr. S. Bray
SS8C Congestive Heart Failure and Sleep 
Dr. A. Minhas       
09:15 - 09:30 Coffee Tea and refreshments in Mountain room exhibits Break Break
09:30 - 10:15 SS9A   Airway and Orthodontics Part 2
Dr. E. Liem
SS9B Advanced  PAP Modalities 
Part 1
Nic Butkov RPSGT
SS9C Pediatric Non-Invasive Ventilation
Lynn MacIsaac RRT
10:30 - 11:25

SS10A Sleep Disorder Breathing in Children Part 1
Dr. Manisha Witmans

SS10B Advanced PAP Modalities
Part 2 
Nic Butkov RPSGT
SS10C The Science of Respiratory Medication Delivery 
Dr Janice Leung
11:25  -13:30 Lunch and Posters in Exhibit Area - Mountain Room
Honourable Minister of Health Terry Lake "Professional Collaboration and Cooperation in Health Care"
13:30 - 14:15 SS11C Pediatric Invasive Ventilation 
Lynn MacIsaac RRT
SS11B Age is No Excuse for Being Tired 
Dr.Atul Khullar
 SS11A  Over the Counter Drugs,  Herbal Medications and Tobacco, 
Precautions for Respiratory Health
Anna Folk Pharmacist
14:25 - 15:05
SS12A SDB Treatment in Children Part 2 
Dr. Manisha Witmans
SS12B  Improving Sleep in the Elderly Patient 
Dr. Atul Khullar
SS12C PROP Clinical Applications of McVent 
Elaina Zebroff RRT
15:05 - 15:20 Refreshments  in Exhibit Area Mountain Room

15:20 - 1600 SS13A Children, Sleep and Occupational Therapy
Jennifer Garden OT
SS13 B Attended vs. Unattended Sleep Studies
Dr. Ron Cridland
SS13C PROP Ventilation Techniques 
Elaina Zebroff RRT
16:10 - 1650 SS14A Pediatric Case presentations
Panel of experts               
PSGT General Meeting SS14C PROP Technology in Clinical  Practice 
Elaina Zebroff RRT
17:00 - 1745

Sunday, March 9th Free day to Ski and Tour


Thompson Rivers University 900 McGill Road
Kamloops, BC, V2C 0C8

At a Glance


March 6- 8, 2014

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Contact: Les Matthews Associate Professor of Respiratory Therapy
Faculty of Science
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