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Environmental Sciences Seminar Series

Environmental Sciences Seminar Series

Environmental Sciences is a broad, interdisciplinary field that attempts to understand and solve environmental problems, integrating the diversity of elements involved, including: biology, natural resource sciences, geography, politics, history, philosophy, economics, mathematics, geology, tourism, sociology, anthropology, journalism, chemistry, physics, and education.

Seminars are on Thursdays from 4:00 to 4:50 in S203, unless otherwise indicated. Everyone is welcome! View seminar abstracts.

Also see the Faculty of Science Seminar schedule.

Winter 2014

Date Room Speaker Seminar Title
January 23
S203 Rui De Carvalho, Senior VP, RJ Burnside & Associates Limited
Meeting the challenges in delivery of urban water supply services in East Africa..
January 30
S203 Dr. Adriaan de Jong, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Going for the raisins in the cake: Birds of non-forest habitat in boreal landscapes.
February 6
S203 Dr. Michael Russello, UBC Okanagan
Designing units of conservation: persistent challenges and emerging opportunities.
February 13
S203 Dr. David Fennell, Brock University
Is it really about the animals? Ecotourism and the vacant niche.
February 20

Reading Week

February 27
S203 Gwen Barlee and Isabelle Groc,
The Wilderness Committee
The Wilderness Committee: Three decades of action for Canada's wilderness and wildlife.
 March 6
 TBA  ENVS MSc Students
MSc Showcase
 March 13
 TBA  Dr. Colin Young, Vice-Minister, Belize
Future of conservation in a developing country context: Sustainability or fallacy?
 March 20
 S203  Don Gayton, FORREX
Restoration: Ecology and spirit.
 March 27
 S203  Dr. Kingsley Donkor, TRU Chemistry
Chemical analysis of environmental samples with challenging matrices.
 April 3

Dr. Jason Shogren, Economics, U Wyoming

Lead author of the 3rd IPCC report that was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007
Who pays for climate change?
 April 10

Dr. Robert Androkovich, TRU Economics

Recreational visits to the Adam's River during the annual sockeye run: a travel cost analysis.

Fall 2013

Date Room Speaker Seminar Title
September 26 S203 Dr. Kai Chan, UBC Vancouver Not impossible: integrating ecological considerations and cultural values into decision-making
October 10 S203 Dr. Scott Wilson, U Regina Change and stability in arctic ecosystems
October 24 S203 Dr. Catherine Tarasoff, Michigan Tech U and TRU Every plant has an Achilles' heel: Understanding plant biology to control invasive species or promote natives
November 7 S203 Dr. Miranda Hart, UBC Okanagan Ancient soils; old growth communities underground
November 21 S203 Dr. David Hill, TRU Leveraging ubiquity: A big data approach to environmental sensing
December 5 S203 David Zehnder, ESI Program Coordinator Farming for clean air, water and wildlife