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Environmental Sciences Seminar Series

Environmental Sciences is a broad, interdisciplinary field that attempts to understand and solve environmental problems, integrating the diversity of elements involved, including: biology, natural resource sciences, geography, politics, history, philosophy, economics, mathematics, geology, tourism, sociology, anthropology, journalism, chemistry, physics, and education.

Seminars are on Thursdays from 4:00 to 5:00 PM in S203, unless otherwise indicated.

Everyone is welcome!

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Schedule - Fall 2015


Speaker Seminar Title

Sept 17

Dr Cynthia Ross Friedman

Dept Biological Sciences, TRU

Meet a hot-headed parasitic plant that blows its top: thermogenesis-triggered seed dispersal in dwarf mistletoe


Sept 22


Room S373

Dr. Francesc Romagosa

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Exploring the role of parks and protected areas as providers of human health and well-being

Sept 24

Dr Roy Roath

Colorado State Univsity

Understanding and utilizing process-based management

 Oct 1

Dr John Buckhouse

Oregon State University

Integrating education and communication in the debate of fire suppression impacts vs. the concept of fire as a tool in encroached conifer ecosystems: western juniper as a case-in-point
 Oct 8

Dr Brian Wallace

Ministry of Forests Land & Natural Resources, Ontario
 Soil science
Oct 15



Oct 22

Amy Crook


Fair mining


Oct 29

Dr Dominique Sigg

BC Ministry of Environment

Invasive animals in BC: their impacts and management
Nov 5

Dr Matteo Daghio

Univ. of Milano-Bicocca, and TRU

Bioelectrochemical systems for hydrocarbons removal: a new perspective
Nov 12

Dr Kevin Hanna

UBC - Okanagan

Environmental impact assessments
Nov 19

Dr Dan Longboat

Trent University

Environmental science aboriginal education
Nov 26

Dr Gary Bradfield

UBC - Vancouver

Dec 3