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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Program Policies

This is not a continuous entry program.

The program year begins in January. Any student who temporarily opts out of continuing on with the program must wait until the next yearly enrolment to recommence studies. Re-entry into the program is not guaranteed the following year and is dependent on class sizes and instructor availability.

Students may opt for a one-time delay in enrolling in the next semester of the program but must complete the entire program within four years of initial enrolment.

A student who has previously failed in a health-related program and who subsequently applies for admission to the same program or to another health-related program will be regarded as a repeating student, unless he/she can show cause for being treated as a new student.

  • A minimum of C in all courses and a cumulative GPA of 2.5 is required for promotion between semesters and for graduation in the program
  • One failure or withdrawal from a course will result in the student being required to withdraw from the program
  • A student can reapply to the program after a period of one year. The student will be expected to retake the course that was unsuccessful
  • A "deferred - DEF" grade will apply if the following criteria have occurred.
    • The reason for the work interruption was because of "unavoidable absence or other causes beyond the student's control"
    • The student's work was at a passing level at the time the interruption occurred
    • Resolution of this "DEF" grade will be negotiated with the Program Chairperson. The usual time limit allowed is six weeks, at which time the status becomes "did not complete — DNC" (Please consult the TRU calendar for an explanation of letter grades). The student cannot move on to subsequent courses or years until the incomplete status has been rectified

A student who receives a failing grade in a course for failure to meet objectives related to essential skills assignments, professional responsibility, professional accountability or patient safety may be refused re-admission to the program (or another health related program) at the recommendation of the program coordinator and the approval of the divisional dean.