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Emergency Purchase Orders (EPO)

Emergency Purchase Orders are used only under extraordinary conditions. That is, an EPO may be used when an emergency situation (such as fire or water damage) or unusual deadline cannot be resolved by using the normal method of Web Requisition buying. 

Emergency Purchase Orders tend to be inefficient and costly ways to purchase goods or services. They are too often used to compensate for poor planning. EPO's circumvent the competitive tendering system and can prevent us from getting deals we could normally negotiate under competitive conditions. 

If you have a true emergency, call Purchasing at 828-5386 or 828-5475.  Please provide us with such information as a general description of required purchases, suggested suppliers & approximate dollar value.

In order to deliver the needed goods or services expeditiously, the requested goods are often shipped directly to the Requisitioner and so by-passes Stores and Purchasing. If goods are shipped directly to you or picked up by you, be sure to initial and date the packing slip/invoice and forward it to the Central Stores warehouse. Stores will record that the items have arrived and they will forward the packing slip/invoice to Finance so the vendor can be paid. 

Payment to the vendor cannot take place until Stores has received the shipping record from you and the stores people have forwarded the shipping record to Finance.