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Index of All Policies

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Academic Accommodation and Services for Students with Disabilities BRD 10-0
Academic Achievement Awards ED 9-1
Academic Recognition ED 3-4
Academic Renewal ED 3-10
Acting President BRD 19-0
Adjunct Faculty BRD 15-5
Admission of Students Sponsored by a Federal or Provincial Agency Who Pose a Safety Risk ED 1-4
Admission of Undergraduate Students Who Complete a Secondary School Program Not Accredited by a Province or Territory ED 1-2
Advertising ADM 4-5
Alcohol ADM 5-3
Biosafety and Biosecurity ADM 25-0
Campus Conferences/Events ADM 1-4
Cancellation of Classes BRD 14-0
Care and Use of Animals in Research and Teaching BRD 21-1
Chaplains ADM 21-1
Class Scheduling BRD 14-1
Confidentiality of Student Information ADM 2-2
Conflict of Interest ADM 4-2
Convocation ED 17-0
Copyright ADM 3-0
Course Extensions (for Open Learning Courses only) ED 3-12
Course Outlines ED 8-3
Course and Program Repeaters ED 3-3
Course Subject Acronym and Numbering ED 3-8
Credit and Non-Credit Courses ED 8-1
Educational Standards in Credit Courses & Programs ED 8-0
Emergency Management ADM 23-0
Emeritus/Emerita Designation BRD 15-3
Employee Recognition ADM 7-0
Employment Equity ADM 4-1
Entrance Scholarships ED 9-0
Environmental Policy BRD 23-0
Examinations ED 3-9
Expenses: Entertainment, Hosting and Hospitality ADM 19-1
Expenses: Travel ADM 19-0
External Relations ADM 1-0
Faculty Office Hours ADM 14-1
Fair Dealing Policy ADM 3-1
Flag Display ADM 1-6
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy ADM 2-0
Fundraising and Recognition BRD 4-1
Grading Systems ED 3-5
Greek Organizations BRD 20-0
Health and Safety ADM 5-0
Honorary Degrees ED 16-2
Human Resources ADM 4-0
Information Disclosure ADM 2-1
Information Security BRD 16-1
Integrity in Research and Scholarship ED 15-2
International Education ED 12-0
Investment Objectives BRD 22-0
Licensed Product Purchasing ADM 24-0
Lost and Found ADM 16-0
New Graduate Program Assessment Criteria ED 8-5
Official Positions and Spokespeople BRD 1-4
Orientation ADM 4-6
Outside Professional Consulting/Employment ADM 4-3
Policy Development and Approval n/a
Posting Procedures ADM 1-3
Posthumous Credentials ED 11-0
Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition ED 2-0
Program Advisory Committees ADM 20-0
Program Reductions & Eliminations BRD 8-4
Program Review ED 08-4
Purchasing BRD 2-2
Recognition of Board Members BRD 0-2
Records Retention/Destruction ADM 2-3
Regional Community Advisory Committees ADM 20-1
Reissuing Credentials by Thompson Rivers University ED 02-5
Research Centres and Groups BRD 21-0
Respectful Workplace and Harassment Prevention BRD 17-0
Responsible Use of Information Technology Facilities and Services BRD 16-0
Retail ADM 1-2
Risk Management BRD 24-0
Satisfactory Academic Progress ED 3-2
Semester Schedules ED 13-0
Sexual Violence BRD 25-0
Signing Authority BRD 2-1
Smoking ADM 5-2
Social Events and Christmas Activities ADM 1-5
Space Renovations ADM 18-0
Special Courses ED 2-1
Student Academic Appeals ED 4-0
Student Academic Integrity ED 5-0
Student Admission ED 1-0
Student Attendance ED 3-1
Student Off-Campus Safety and Travel Policy ADM22-1
Submission of Final Grades ED 3-11
Suggested Procedures for Dealing with At-Risk Students ADM 17-0
Suspension of Students ED 7-0
Transferability of University Credits ED 2-4
Types of Undergraduate and Graduate Credentials ED 16-0
Undergraduate Course and Program Approvals ED 8-2
Visiting Scholar BRD 15-4
Visiting Student Status ED 1-3
Waitlist ED 3-7
Whistleblower BRD 18-0
Withdrawals ED 3-0