Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Staff Parking

Users must clearly display a valid daily ticket or a valid long-term parking permit.
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. | Monday to Friday
Except for: statutory holidays (reading break and exam dates are not considered holidays), or days that TRU is officially closed.

Staff Parking Pic

Vehicles not clearly displaying a valid Daily Ticket or Parking Permit will be subject to a ticket and/or towing without warning at the owner's risk and expense. e-Permit holders aren't required to display anything.

TRU staff may park in designated TRU staff parking lots — provided that they display either:

  • A valid staff parking pass along with daily ticket payment
  • A long-term parking permit

Fill out an online application (accessible only from the TRU campus staff network).

Staff parking rates
  Half-day permit (4 hours) 1 Daily permit 1 Weekly e-Permit 3 10-Week e-Permit 16-Week e-Permit 3 (semester) Annual parking permit (Sept. 1 - Aug. 21) 4
Student/staff parking   $5 $25  $200 $250 (or payroll deduction of $62.50/mn) $750 (or payroll deduction of $62.50/mn)
Lot E $3 Same as above Same as above   Same as above  
Lot N $3  $4     $200 (only valid in Lot N) 2  
Specific reserved space 4           $1,050 (or payroll deduction of $87.50/mn)

1. Ticket acquired through a ticket dispenser in most staff/student lots (except for half-day, which is only for Lot E), and must be displayed on dashboard; face-up on the driver's side. If parked in a staff lot, a valid annual staff parking pass must also be displayed.
Alternatively, instead of paying at a dispenser, a day pass can be purchased through the PayByPhone website or app. Or call their hotline for a $0.25 service fee (more info on signs in each parking lot).

2. Must apply in-person at the Parking Office.

3. Additional $0.75 fee applies. No display on dash required. E-Permits are not valid in metered/visitor parking lots (Lots K, P, i, and V).

4. Process is the same as acquiring a staff parking pass.

Notes that apply to all

1. No person shall occupy a parked vehicle on campus overnight, regardless of whether a valid parking permit is displayed. Overnight parking is only be allowed in Lot N, unless otherwise approved by the Parking Office.

2. No refunds or cancellations.

3. Replacement costs for lost permits and passes are as follows: $20 for annual permits, and $10 for semester permit or annual parking pass.

4. Any difficulty encountered with ticket dispensing machines should be reported immediately to the Parking Office: or 250-828-5368.