Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Staff Parking

Users must clearly display a valid daily ticket or a valid long-term parking permit.
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. | Monday to Friday
Except for: statutory holidays (reading break and exam dates are not considered holidays), or days that TRU is officially closed.

Staff Parking Pic

Vehicles not clearly displaying a valid Daily Ticket or Parking Permit will be subject to a ticket and/or towing without warning at the owner's risk and expense. e-Permit holders aren't required to display anything.

TRU staff may park in designated TRU staff parking lots — provided that they display either:

  • A valid staff parking pass along with daily ticket payment
  • A long-term parking permit

Fill out an online application (accessible only from the TRU campus staff network).

Staff parking rates
 Half-day permit (4 hours) 1Daily permit 1Weekly e-Permit 3 10-Week e-Permit16-Week e-Permit 3 (semester)Annual parking permit (Sept. 1 - Aug. 21) 4
Student/staff parking   $5 $25  $200 $250 (or payroll deduction of $62.50/mn) $750 (or payroll deduction of $62.50/mn)
Lot E $3 Same as above Same as above   Same as above  
Lot N $3  $4     $200 (only valid in Lot N) 2  
Specific reserved space 4           $1,050 (or payroll deduction of $87.50/mn)

1. Ticket acquired through a ticket dispenser in most staff/student lots (except for half-day, which is only for Lot E), and must be displayed on dashboard; face-up on the driver's side. If parked in a staff lot, a valid annual staff parking pass must also be displayed.
Alternatively, instead of paying at a dispenser, a day pass can be purchased through the PayByPhone website or app. Or call their hotline for a $0.25 service fee (more info on signs in each parking lot).

2. Must apply in-person at the Parking Office.

3. Additional $0.75 fee applies. No display on dash required. E-Permits are not valid in metered/visitor parking lots (Lots K, P, i, and V).

4. Process is the same as acquiring a staff parking pass.

Notes that apply to all

1. No person shall occupy a parked vehicle on campus overnight, regardless of whether a valid parking permit is displayed. Overnight parking is only allowed in Lot N and Lot M, unless otherwise approved by the Parking Office.

2. No refunds or cancellations.

3. Replacement costs for lost permits and passes are as follows: $20 for annual permits, and $10 for semester permit or annual parking pass.

4. Any difficulty encountered with ticket dispensing machines should be reported immediately to the Parking Office: or 250-828-5368.