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2017/2018 Mentoring Schedule of Events Now Available

We have many exciting mentoring events lined up for the Fall 2017, Winter 2018 semesters. Find the Mentoring event for you here!

Mentoring Events

Career Mentoring 1

Information For Mentors

Mentor students and show them now, what you wanted to know then!

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Student Mentees CIBC

For Students

Meet working professionals and learn about the link between your education and different career options.

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Career Mentoring offers many educational, hands-on learning events that introduce students to the benefits of networking and mentorship relationships.

Get the experience and connections you need to get noticed in the job market.

Students and Grads

Learn about the benefits of attending a mentoring event.


Help students know now, what you wanted to know then!

The Importance of Mentors!

​ In the following Ted Talk, Tai Lopez reminds us of the importance of engaging with the mentorship process.

Tai Lopez - The Law of 33%


If you are interested in the Career Mentoring program, please send an email to