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Long Night Against Procrastination

TRU's 5th Long Night Against Procrastination

March 16, 2017 from 8:00pm to March 17, 8:00am in the Main Library

Taking a writing-intensive course? Major final research essays due at the end of term?  Don’t pull a stressed-out all-nighter on your own the last week of classes; join a campus community of writers and academic support services at the Long Night Against Procrastination and stay up late together, where help and encouragement are available!


Please register in advance so that we have enough pizza and coffee.

  • You will be emailed a confirmation of your registration; please save this email!
  • Bring your Student ID card with you to the Main Library the night of March 16. ID card is required for entry.

Throughout the evening:

  • 15-20 minute workshops
  • student and faculty tutors
  • coffee, tea, and healthy snacks throughout the night
  • midnight pizza
  • 6:00 am Survivors' Breakfast
  • Safe Walk at 11pm, 2am, & 4am – stops at parking lots and both student residences

Live Tweet your night at the Library; #LNAP #mytru

Presented by the Writing Centre and the Library, in collaboration with many, many other campus partners and academic support services.

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LNAP Schedule
Thursday Mar. 16th, 8pm-8am in the Main Library


Academic workshop title and presenter

Wellness workshop title and presenter

Workshop description

8:00- 10:00 pm


Mini-Spa by Bhumika’s Salon and Spa (Sponsored by the Wellness Centre)

Bhumika’s Salon and Spa will offer Henna tattoos and eyebrow threading.

8:00pm - 8:00 am

Librarian Research Support at the Reference Desk

8:00pm - midnight

Writing Centre Tutors

8:30 pm


The Power of Introversion By Cliff Robinson

Introverts are dramatically undervalued.  The presentation will discuss ways to increase the inclusion of introverts in and outside of the classroom.

9:00 – 10:30 pm

Wellness Snacks and Chats

Join Meaghan Hagerty and the Wellness Peer Leaders to learn about healthy living and Wellness Centre events

9:00 pm

 An Introduction to Writing a Scientific Proposal by Janelle Paulson

Are you an Honours student? Writing your Honours proposal can be overwhelming and intimidating. Join me for a proposal-writing workshop to get started on yours!

9:30 pm

HeartMath: Managing your Stress by Kent Watson

As a student, stress can negatively affect all areas of your lives. Join me for a HeartMath session to learn stress reducing techniques such as deep breathing and mindfulness.

10:00 pm


Mindful Coloring by Sharon Munk

Experiencing writer’s block? Getting in touch with your artistic side often breaks down barriers associated with academic writing, and encourages a creative flow of words. Combine mindfulness and coloring in this relaxing workshop to inspire your night of writing!

10:00pm – 1:00am

Games Table

Take a break, clear your mind, and play a board game with Brandon Dallamore, from the Kamloops Board Games Social Meetup group

10:30 pm

Study Smarter and More Effectively by Portiaa McGonigal and Lena Stengel


How can you better manage your time as a busy student? What are the most effective study techniques? Join us for a workshop on how you can be the best student you can be.

11:00 pm

Navigating the Brain Storm: Mind Mapping to Overcome Writer’s Block by Pamela Fry


Discover various, creative techniques for mind-mapping and refining your topic to reflect your interests and voice.

11:00 pm

Safe Walk: Get home safely! We’ll walk you to your residence or car. Meet at the library entrance.

11:30 pm

Giving Your Essay a Socially Aware Conscience by Dale Drozda


Learn how to incorporate social consciousness in your writing! Join me for ideas and tips on using gender neutral terminology, sustainable printing techniques, and removing micro aggressions.

12:00- 1:00 am

Pizza at Midnight

12:30 am

The Ins and Outs of MLA and Citations by Elizabeth Funk


Do you feel like learning a new citation style is like learning another language? Join me for an MLA “language” class, and become a confident user of this dialect!

1:00 am

Writing your Graduate Thesis: How to Narrow your Research Question by Lachlan Gonzalez


Writing at the graduate level can be overwhelming. Join me for tips on finding your topic, discovering themes, identifying key questions, narrowing your question and creating a strong thesis!

1:30 am

Revising your Paper Like the Champion You Are by Natalie Stewart


Revising, editing and polishing are often a step in the writing process that students leave out as they rush to put ANY words to paper in order to meet a deadline. Discover some tips and tricks for effective and timely revising that will make you proud to submit!

2:00 am

Wake and Walk with Julia Wells and Jenna Goddard

Get to your residence or car safely, or simply rejuvenate yourself with a walk around campus.  Meet in the library entrance and bring a coat!

2:30 am

Searching ERIC like a ROCK STAR! by Kathy Gaynor


ERIC is considered to be the premier educational research database as it contains millions of resources and covers published education-related materials since 1966.  This workshop will cover how to search ERIC effectively and efficiently (on and off campus): using the advanced search, emailing articles home, using the ERIC thesaurus, and how to access articles that TRU Library doesn’t have access to.

3:00 am

Make (APA) Citation Great Again! by Melania Trump (just kidding; by Jenna Goddard)


Join Jenna for a workshop on understanding citation and the basics of APA formatting, in-text citations, and creating your references page.

3:30 am


So You’ve Procrastinated…Now What? by Julia Wells

Only a few days until your paper is due? Don’t despair!  Learn some tips and tricks for getting back on track and organized.

4:00 am

Creating an Academic Poster by Kathy Gaynor

Put down that glitter glue and glue gun!  Preparing a well-organized, visually-appealing poster requires planning ahead. In this workshop we will actively discuss: (a) how to create a poster; (b) poster content; and (c) effective formatting.

4:00 am

Safe Walk: Get home safely! We’ll walk you to your residence or car. Meet at the library entrance.

4:30 am

RefWorks: Magic Software that does my Bibliography? Yes, please! by Elizabeth Rennie


Creating Works Cited and References pages are incredibly time-consuming and often frustrating! Learn how to use RefWorks, an important time-saving tool,  during this workshop.

5:00 am


What is EQ? What is your EQ? How can it Impact Student Success?  by Jenna Goddard

Everyone has heard of IQ, but what is EQ? How is emotional intelligence tied to your success as a student? Learn why emotional intelligence matters, the characteristics of EQ, and how you can increase your own. 

6:00 am

Survivors’ Breakfast (Sponsored by TRU World)

6:30 am


Why Study? Let’s Play…Taiko Instead! by Mary Ann Mochizuki

Join Mary Ann for a quick break exploring the beats of Taiko, the art of Japanese drumming. Because she’s also a member of the TRU Counselling team, she might also throw in a couple of tips on beating procrastination, too!

8:00 am


LNAP Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need to register to attend?
A: We ask that you register in advance to help us plan the event. Drop-ins are permitted so long as we have space. We do expect the library to be pretty full, so plan ahead if you can. 
Q: How do I register in advance?
A: Fill out our online form
Q: What sort of support can I expect?
A: There will be Writing Centre tutors, Library staff, peer mentors, counsellors, and more.. who will be there as resources as you work on your writing and assignments.
Q: Is LNAP really a thing?
A: Yes! It is a global effort to create a safe and supportive environment for writers. it first started at the European University Viadrina, Germany in 2010 as a way of supporting students academically. Writing can be a lonely endeavour. who doesn't need a little encouragement and support from time to time?
Q: Will Kamloops Transit be running throughout the night?
A: No, Kamloops Transit will be running their regular schedule with the last bus leaving campus around 11:20pm (depending on the route). If you are leaving LNAP early, please make sure that you have a safe way of getting home.
Q: If I leave early, how do I get back to the student residence safely at 2am?
A: Join us on the new Safe Walk. We will walk a loop around campus past student parking lots and both student residences three times through the night (12am, 2am, and 4am). Meet at the front door of the library and get home safely!
Q: What should I bring?
A: Bring at least one assignment to work on, including any assignment instructions or first draft that you might have. You may also wish to bring a laptop, water bottle, and travel mug; we'll supply the tea and coffee, but appreciate you helping us make LNAP a sustainable event. Bunny slippers are optional.