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Course Evaluations

Frequently Asked Questions

TRU is committed to increasing student success (TRU Strategic Priorities 2014-2019). Student course evaluations are an important source of insight that will help faculty members continuously improve their teaching to increase student success.

Others include, but are not limited to, instructors’ statement of learning outcomes on course outlines, peer review of teaching, receipt of teaching awards, scholarly studies of teaching practices – the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, letters from students and colleagues, etc. (Gravestock & Gregor-Greenleaf, 2008). The Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching supports these methods at TRU. 

Through its Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching, TRU supports a continuous improvement model of teaching that includes resources, workshops and events for departments and individual faculty and now, student course evaluations.

Important Dates for Course Evaluations

Summer 2017 Session 1

Summer 2017 Session 2

Summer 2017 Session 3

Winter 2017

Course Evaluations Report

The Winter 2017 Course Evaluation Report produced by Integrated Planning & Effectiveness (IPE) is now available, please access the link below.

Winter 2017 Course Evaluation Report - Administration and Results, June 2017

Course Evaluations Report

Please click on the link below to access The Fall 2016 Course Evaluation Report produced by Integrated Planning & Effectiveness (IPE) :

Fall 2016 Course Evaluation Report - Administration and Results, January 2017 

Student course evaluations — information for students

Students, course evaluations will be administered during the last three weeks of the semester. To view details, please click on the link below.

Information for Students

Administering course evaluations — instructions for instructors

Instructors, to view instructions on administering course evaluations, please click on the link below.

Course Evaluation Instructions

This Quick Guide outlines the steps to download your Course Section Report  and the contents of the report. Printing Directions  QUICK GUIDE

  • May 4, 2016:  Notifications have been sent out to all instructors regaring the distribution of the course evaluation reports.  Report links will be emailed to each instructor and their chairperson before May 6, 2016.
  • March 3, 2016: TRU began the gradual roll out of formative course evaluations in Fall 2015 and will move to the Senate-approved process of “every course every time” this Winter 2016. Integrated Planning & Effectiveness (IPE) is administering the surveys moving forward and IT Services will be placing the links to course-specific surveys in students’ MyTRU accounts. Faculty members will be provided with a password to unlock the surveys at a time, during the last three weeks of classes (or equivalent), to administer the surveys. They will also be provided with instructions for administering the evaluations and can also access the instructions. It is expected that for regular semester-based courses survey links will be in students MyTRU accounts by March 21. Individual Faculty members will be sent the passwords for the survey links via email (to their TRU email address) by March 18th. For courses that do not follow the Jan-April schedule, individual faculties/schools will contacted. Every faculty/school has received and reviewed a list of course sections for evaluation this term.

    Students will fill out the surveys individually, online, using an appropriate device (laptop, iPad, Smart phone, etc.) Instructors are encouraged to discuss the importance of formative feedback with their students in advance and to ensure that students have access to a device on the day of the evaluation. If additional devices are required, faculty are encouraged to book their class into a computer lab or to contact the Library or the Centre to borrow laptops or iPads for their students.

    The Centre is working with Faculties/Schools to develop inventories of questions that can be used in conjunction with the four Senate-approved questions. In the meantime, a draft instrument is being used and can be found here. The Centre is also available to work with faculty to document their teaching effectiveness, and to provide education and training on the use of formative evaluations. In addition, the Teaching & Learning Committee of Senate is working on developing a Policy on course evaluations.

    As this new process unfolds at TRU, we look forward to your support and participation. If you have questions regarding the administration of course evaluations, please contact Dorys Crespin-Mueller at For questions related to procedures/policies related to course evaluations, the use of formative evaluations for documenting teaching effectiveness, or to provide feedback on course evaluations please contact the Centre at

  • Feb. 2, 2016:  In order to maintain the integrity of the student course evaluation process, reports from Fall 2015 cannot be released until final grades have been submitted. IPA advises that most grades have now been submitted so reports will be shared shortly. For your information, IPA is administering student course evaluations (including reporting) and the Centre is supporting the process, including working with faculty to document their teaching effectiveness, developing appropriate course evaluation questions, and providing education and training on the use of formative evaluations.  As this new process unfolds at TRU, the Centre looks forward to working with faculty members to ensure that formative student course evaluations are a valuable and practical tool to support the continuous improvement of teaching.

  • Performance Review Committees (PRC):  as per the Senate-approved Principles and Procedures document (see below), the intent has always been to provide the results of the formative evaluations within one-month of the final grade submission deadline each term so that faculty can continuously improve their teaching.  Since the results will not be available in time for the PRC process, especially if a review of a faculty member needs to be happen before they teach their next course in the following term, the Centre has been recommending departments follow their PRC process as laid out in the collective agreement.

Other student course evaluation-related documentation

Provide feedback on the student course evaluation process

For our own continuous improvement; we would welcome your feedback on any aspect of the Winter 2016 Student Course Evaluation process. To submit your feedback, please click on the link below.

Course Evaluation Feedback