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TRU Remote Access

IT Services introduces a web application that enables faculty, staff, and students to access their TRU network drive data as well as access applications that are normally only available when on campus. The intended purpose is for those who need access to their network drives from off campus, or those who are connected to the wireless network while on campus. TRU Remote Access web application provides a method for remote and secure access to data files from TRU network drives. It does not connect directly to the drives as you would when you are on campus, but does allow you to download/upload desired files to the local computer.

Connecting to TRU Remote Access

Start Internet Explorer, then go to one of the following links:
TRU Staff and Faculty – - Login with your network username and password
TRU Students – - Login with your Network account Alternate ID (different from myTRU account) and password
TRU Guests – - Login with your assigned Guest username and password

During this process,
DO NOT CLOSE your browser
as you will lose your Remote Access Connection

Support Resources

Accessing your TRU network drives  First time access and installation
Logging out and securing your data Access for Mac OS Clients
Review the type of Access that you have Remote Access Troubleshooting
Faculty/Staff - Create a batch file for your desktop