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Travel Handbook

There is an important policy change regarding International Travel effective January 1, 2013.

Reminder: All travel outside of Canada is considered INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL and must have prior approval of the appropriate Vice-President.  Please fill out "International Travel Pre-Authorization Request Form" found here before travel and have it signed by the appropriate person.

TRU has changed to a single travel provider for all travel outside of Canada and the U.S. This policy change was done to help ensure the safety of travelers. This change applies to all TRU travel by faculty, staff and administration.

Student travel activities will be phased in at a later date.

It is also expected that we will achieve cost savings and better service standards.

Corporate Traveler has been chosen as the travel provider and their services include transportation, lodging, car rental and other travel related services such as:

  • Pre-trip travel risk assessment
  • Real time travel alerts and advisories
  • Worldwide event monitoring of issues arising such as natural disasters/political coups
  • Traveler tracking and assisting traveler rescue and/or rescheduling

Corporate Travelers Contact Information:

Trips to high risk destinations (including but not limited to those on the War Risk List below) should be reviewed and approved by the respective VP before booking, and contingency plans prepared if necessary.

If you have any queries about international travel insurance or need additional assistance with travel risk management including contingency plans please contact Risk Management Services at or Jacquetta Goy at

War Risk Listing

Please note that there are two new TRU Expense Policies and can be viewed at:
Expenses: Travel
Expenses: Entertainment, Hosting and Hospitality

Introduction and Purpose:

This information should be helpful when used as a reference for travel-related questions and reflects current operational policy and procedures.

Travel supported by research grants or contracts must comply with TRU regulations and policies, unless indicated otherwise by the granting agency. When contemplating travel funded by research accounts, it is important to understand the guidelines that must be followed. A review of the agency policy guide book or terms of the contract will usually indicate the procedure to be followed.

Timing of Cheques - Travel Advances or Expenses:

Cheques for advances or expenses are produced weekly, and all requisitions should be properly approved and coded then forwarded to the Finance Division for processing. Advance cheques will be produced approximately two weeks prior to your departure unless otherwise requested.

As U.S. cheques are processed bi-monthly, please submit U.S. travel advances at least one month prior to departure. Emergency travel requiring manual cheque advances should be brought to the Accounting Manager with proper explanation, and we will process them as soon as possible.

Accounts Payable moving to direct deposit for ALL employees - please click this link for info:  Accounts Payable