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Diploma in General Studies

Program Description

A general studies program allows for almost any combination of courses at the university level, although some specific requirements must be met. Students may select TRU, TRU-OL and university transfer courses from recognized post-secondary institutions. Refer to British Columbia Council on Admissions & Transfer at

What Can You Do With This Credential?

Courses taken for the Diploma in General Studies may be applied toward other TRU-OL programs, provided that specific program requirements are met.

While working full-time and authoring his nationally published book Landlording in Canada, Michael Drouillard received his Diploma in General Studies through Open Learning, which helped him gain acceptance into law school.

Program Requirements

Admission Requirements

Open admission.

Students who plan to complete a credential through TRU-OL must complete and submit a Program Admission form.

Residency Requirements

A minimum of 9 TRU credits (distance or on-campus).

Diploma Requirements

60 credits total of college or university courses or a combination of college and university courses, including a minimum of 21 credits at the second year level or higher (numbered 2000 and above) are required.

30 of these credits may be applied studies, such as fine and performing arts studio courses and technology courses. Education, business and administrative studies courses are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Students with less formal academic training, such as an apprenticeship or an industry-based qualification, should consult a program advisor regarding the possibility of receiving credit for these programs or for recognition of their prior learning.

Students are responsible for consulting with their program advisor to ensure that the courses they select are available and are appropriate for their program of study and educational goals. Students who proceed without approval may find that a course does not meet requirements and may be subject to transcript assessment fees.


Email Student Services for more information.