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Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning

Program Description

The Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning (EDDL) is designed and developed in collaboration with the TRU School of Education. This certificate is designed to provide educators (K-12 teachers, post-secondary instructors and trainers) in BC and elsewhere, with a solid foundation in the technical and pedagogical expertise required to effectively use education technology in the classroom, in distributed learning environments and in online education.

What Can You Do With This Credential?

This certificate provides you, as a BC teacher, with the ability to achieve an additional 15 credits above your baccalaureate credential. To qualify for an additional salary level (the 5+ category), the provincial Teacher Qualification Service (TQS) requires teachers to take a minimum of 30 credits of senior level and/or graduate courses. This is now provincially mandated across BC.

Program Requirements

If you plan to complete a credential through TRU-OL, please complete and send a Program Admission Form with your application.

Admission Requirements

Candidates must have one of the following:

  • A Bachelor of Education
  • A bachelor’s degree in another discipline with teaching qualifications or experience
  • The permission of the Academic Director or designate

The program is applicable to practicing teachers, post-secondary instructors and faculty, as well as online faculty members.

Residency Requirements

A minimum of 6 TRU credits (distance or on-campus)

Certificate Requirements

15 credits total, with a GPA of 3.00 or higher over all courses required for the credential, as follows:

EDDL 5101, Educational Technology in the Curriculum (3)
EDDL 5111, Introduction to Distributed Learning (3)
EDDL 5131, Multimedia in the Curriculum (3)
EDDL 5141, Online Teaching and Learning (3)
EDDL 5151, Managing Your Technology Classroom (3)


Students who receive one grade of F can be dismissed from the program. Students who receive a B- (70-74%) or lower in two or more courses must withdraw, regardless of their GPA, unless the program coordinator recommends otherwise.

Consult with a Program Advisor to ensure that the courses you select are available and appropriate for your program of study and educational goals. Otherwise, you may find that the course does not meet the program requirements and cannot be used toward the program's credential.


Start teaching the net generation (PDF 434 KB)
E-Learning. E-Possibilities (PDF 434 KB)


Email Student Services for more information.