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Certificate in First Nations Applied Economics


This program is no longer open for admission; it is currently under review.

Program Description

This program provides key foundational skills and knowledge to assist in the development of a First Nations economic infrastructure and supports long-term benefits in the development of residential and commercial enterprises on First Nation lands. After an introduction to basic microeconomic and macroeconomic principles, students are exposed to First Nations' issues as they relate to market failure and poverty. Stress is placed on acquiring the skills and knowledge required to enable the reduction of transaction costs related to conducting business on First Nation lands, thereby helping to promote and facilitate investment activity. Specific focus is on residential and commercial development on First Nation lands. The program also gives a basic understanding of impact analysis and skills in writing and presenting reports for investment proposals.

What Can You Do With This Credential?

This certificate can ladder into the Certificate in Management Studies, providing a pathway into the Diploma in Management Studies program, which can ladder into the Bachelor of Commerce.

Program Requirements

Admission Requirements

Open admission

if you plan to complete a credential through TRU-OL, please complete and submit a Program Admission form.

Residency Requirements

A minimum of 6 TRU credits (distance or on-campus).

Certificate Requirements (18 credits)

Eighteen credits total, with a graduating GPA of 2.00 or higher over all courses required for this credential, as follows:

Course Requirements (18 credits)

APEC 2641, Residential and Commercial Development on First Nation Lands (3)
APEC 2651, Investment Facilitation on First Nation Lands (3)
APEC 2701, Economic Feasibility and Impact Analysis on First Nation Lands (3)
ECON 1221, Introduction to Basic Economics (3)
ECON 2631, Issues in Aboriginal Economics (3)
ENGL 1101, Composition (3) or CMNS 1811, Business, Professional and Academic Composition (3) or ENGL 1021, Composition and Indigenous Literature in Canada I (3)


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