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Bachelor of Business in Real Estate

Program Description

The Bachelor of Business in Real Estate program, offered by the Sauder School of Business Real Estate Division, allows members of the real estate community to upgrade their education so they can meet the accreditation requirements for various professional associations.

What Can You Do With This Credential?

Graduation from this program may help you to meet entrance requirements for TRU's Master of Business Administration.

Program Requirements

Admission Requirements

Admission to The University of British Columbia's Diploma in Urban Land Economics (DULE)

Applicants seeking transfer credit for real estate core and specialty requirements must apply to the Real Estate Division for evaluation of real estate equivalencies before applying to TRU-OL for program admission. TRU-OL will consider giving additional transfer credit for non-real estate courses.

Students who plan to complete a credential through TRU-OL must complete and submit a Program Admission form.

Residency Requirements

A minimum of 15 TRU credits (distance or on campus)

Degree Requirements

120 credits total, with a GPA of 2.00 or higher over all courses required to complete this credential, as follows:

General Education Requirements (18 credits)

3 credits in English
3 credits in humanities or social sciences (excluding English)
3 credits in urban geography
3 credits in natural sciences (excluding mathematics or computing)
6 credits in humanities, social sciences or sciences

Core Management Requirements (45 credits)

MATH 1091, Business Mathematics (3) (exempt if BUSI 121 is taken)
STAT 1201, Introduction to Probability and Statistics (3), CMNS 1291, Introduction to Professional Writing (3) or ENGL 301, Technical and Business Writing (3)
ECON 1901, Principles of Microeconomics (3) or BUSI 100, Micro Foundations of Real Estate Economics (3)
ECON 1951, Principles of Macroeconomics (3) or BUSI 101, Capital Markets and Real Estate (3)
ACCT 2211, Financial Accounting (3) or ACCT 1221, Accounting II (3) or UBC BUSI 293 (3)
FNCE 2121, Financial Management (3)
ACCT 2251, Management Accounting (3)
MKTG 2431, Marketing (3)
ORGB 2811, Organizational Behaviour (3)
BLAW 2911, Commercial Law (3)
MNGT 3711, Business Ethics and Society (3)
HRMN 3841, Employee and Labour Relations (3) (in development) or BBUS 3661, Strategic Human Resource Management (3)
MNGT 4711, Decision Analysis (3)
MNGT 4781, Strategic Management (3)

Core Real Estate Requirements (24 credits)

BUSI 111, BC Real Property Law and Real Estate Ethics (3) or BUSI 112, Canadian Real Property Law and Real Estate Ethics (3)
BUSI 221, Real Estate Finance in a Canadian Context (3)
BUSI 300, Urban and Real Estate Economics (3)
BUSI 330, Foundations of Real Estate Appraisal I (3)
BUSI 331, Real Estate Investment Analysis and Advanced Income Appraisal (3)
BUSI 400, Residential Property Analysis (3)
BUSI 401, Commercial Property Analysis (3)
BUSI 425, Land Use Regulation: Local Government Law and Planning (3) or equivalent

Real Estate Specialty Requirements (12 credits)

Additional 400-level UBC courses selected in consultation with a Program Advisor; specialize in real estate appraisal, property management, real estate development or property assessment

Elective Requirements (21 credits)

Courses in any discipline at any level

Additional Requirements

Completion of UBC's DULE or equivalent, as determined in consultation with UBC


BUSI courses are delivered by UBC.

For more about DULE, contact UBC's Real Estate Division.

Student Responsibility

Students are responsible for consulting with their Program Advisor to ensure that the courses they select are available and appropriate for their program of study and educational goals. Students who proceed without approval from their Program Advisor may find that a course does not meet program requirements. Without such approval, students risk not being able to apply a course toward a credential. If the course can be used toward the credential, students will be required to pay the transcript assessment fee.


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