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Thompson Rivers University
Thompson Rivers University

Partnership Forms

First Nation Learning Centre (FNLC) Partners:

First Nation Learning Centre (FNLC) Course Registration Form

For FNLC partners, who are sponsoring students registering in TRU Open Learning course(s).

Open Learning Faculty Member (OLFM) Marked Assignment Form

Also known as the Tutor Marked Assignment form, Centre Administrators will need to attach this form to assignment(s) being submitted

Examination Order Form

For Centre Administrators delivering a TRU-OL course, you will need to order the applicable final exams for their students using this form.

**For students who have an Open Learning Faculty Member, they will need to submit a Statement of Presiding Supervisor form found on our website at:

Form: Exams Order Form (PDF, 55KB)

Instructions to Examination Invigilators

This document explains the responsibilities of the exam invigilator and where the final exams are to be mailed to.

Instructions to Examination Invigilators (PDF, 53KB)

Conduct of Examinations

This form provides information on exam rules and conduct.

Form: Conduct of Examinations Form (PDF, 109KB)

College of Dental Hygienists of British Columbia (CDHBC):

Pre-Application Review

For those considering registering in the CDHBC PLAR assessment you first must complete and submit:

Once payment has been received the self-assessment forma will be forwarded to a CDHBC PLAR assessor. The CDHBC PLAR assessor will contact you with a recommendation as to whether or not you should proceed further

Formal Application

Those prospective applicants who have completed the pre-application process can now formally register for the CDHBC PLAR assessment.

Form B: Application for CDHBC PLAR

**Note please email form to

Once your payment has been processed, you will receive instructions explaining how to access the CDHBC Blackboard site.