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How do I find out who my course Open Learning Faculty Member is?

When you register in a course, you will be emailed a Welcome Letter. This email will include information about your Open Learning Faculty Member, including contact information. If you do not have your Welcome Letter, please contact Enrolment Services at 1.800.663.9711.

What should I do if I can't contact my Open Learning Faculty Member?

There may be several reasons why you can't make contact with your Open Learning Faculty Member. Your OLFM may be on leave or vacation and, in this case, you will be sent an email with substitution information to your myTRU email address. You may send a Blackboard message (if you are in a web-based course), email or call your OLFM. If you cannot reach him or her by email, then try by telephone (and vice-versa). Finally, if you have checked for a substitution letter and tried both calling and emailing, without any result, please email for further assistance.

When will I receive my course package?

Course materials usually arrive within five to 10 business days after registration. However, you should be aware that TRU is closed during the Holiday Closure (Dec. 24 to Jan 1) and all other regularly scheduled statutory holidays.

Who do I contact if there are packing list items missing from my course package (e.g. textbooks)?

If you believe an item is missing from your course package, please email Please provide your student number, course name and a description of the missing materials.

Can I resell my textbooks when I've finished my course?

The TRU Bookstore will buy back textbooks in some cases. You can find more information and instructions on the TRU SellBack Website.

There are also private companies that will buy used textbooks, such as, and Please be aware that these organizations are not affiliated with TRU in any way, and the university assumes no responsibilities for your interactions with these companies.

If I already have the textbook for the course I am registered in, can I return the textbook and keep the rest of the package?

Yes, you may return course materials as long as they are returned in new condition. A refund will be processed after the return and inspection of materials. Please read the materials return policy.

I registered in a course but want to switch to a different format (e.g. from print to online). How do I do this?

You will need to cancel or withdraw from your course. Then you may re-register in the format of your choice. Please call 1.800.663.9711 for more information.

How do I apply for an extension for courses delivered by TRU-OL?

You can apply for an extension for your non-paced, continuous course through the myTRU portal using the Course Extension form at any time before your course completion deadline. You can find your course completion deadline in your Welcome email. Only one extension is allowed per course. Paced courses are not eligible for extensions.

When will I receive my final grade?

Your final grade will be calculated after all relevant assignments and examinations/projects have been received and graded. Your Open Learning Faculty Member strives to grade assignments, projects and exams within three days of receipt. If you did not submit an assignment for grading, it may cause up to four weeks delay in processing your final grade, after your course completion date. Please contact your OLFM if you do not intend to submit an assignment in your course.

Can I appeal an assignment grade or final letter grade?

You may only appeal a final grade. Please refer to the Academic Appeals form for step-by-step information on the process. In general, if you have a question about your grade, your first point of contact should be your Open Learning Faculty Member. Also, before requesting an appeal, you normally should request an Informal Examination Review by emailing

What should I do if illness or a serious problem prevents me from working on my course for several weeks?

You should make your Open Learning Faculty Member aware if you are having difficulty in your course. If you are in a continuous course, you may be eligible to apply for a course extension.

If the illness or problem prevents you from working on your course for six to eight weeks, you may be eligible for a fee-waived extension. For more information, please call 1.800.663.9711.

Who do I contact for technical assistance with an online or web-based course?

If you are having difficulty accessing or logging in to your course, you should contact IT Service Desk.

Can I transfer TRU-OL credits to other institutions?

We recommend that you obtain a Letter of Permission from the institution where you plan to transfer your credit prior to registering for a course. Please be aware that it is up to the receiving institution to determine the eligibility of transfer credit.