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Create Your Timetable

Once you have chosen your courses, you can now create a conflict-free timetable for both the fall and winter semesters. It is strongly recommended that you meet with an academic advisor or your program advisor to make sure the courses you have selected are appropriate for your program and meet your educational goals.

A conflict-free timetable means your courses are scheduled without overlaps so you can attend all your classes. Attending all classes, labs and seminars increases your ability to succeed academically. If your classes overlap, you will run into challenges with attendance, exams and completing course work. Here is an example of a conflict-free timetable.

Our timetabling tutorial will help you through the process.

Print two blank timetable/worksheets so you can plan for both the fall and winter semesters. We recommend that you register for both semesters at the same time for optimal selection.

Review your timetable

After you have registered, print a copy of your timetable to ensure it is correct. You can do this through myTRU:

  • Log in to myTRU
  • Select the Student Resources tab
  • Select Print Schedule

Be sure to check your timetable again shortly before class begins to ensure room numbers, times, and so forth, are correct.

Still having trouble? Contact Academic Advising for help with your timetable.