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Step by step: Adding or dropping course labs and seminars

In this example, you are enrolled in a course lecture (20523 GERM 1210 01), which is linked to a lab (20525 GERM 1210 L02). You want to switch to a different lab: (20524 GERM 1210 L01).

  1. Note the CRN (course registration number) for the lab you want to switch to. Then type it into a box in the Add Classes Worksheet.

  2. Click on the dropdown menu beside the current lab (20525 GERM 1210 L02) and choose Web Drop/Delete.

  3. Click Submit Changes.


If all goes well, you are now switched to the different lab: (20524 GERM 1210 L01).


If the lab is closed due to no seats being available, you will see this message:


You can then select Do not drop in order to keep the course lecture and stay in the original lab. You will get this message:


A final message explains why the change could not be made.