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Orientation FAQ

 Can I still attend TRU Orientation if I didn’t register?

Yes, there is no registration for TRU Winter Orientation.

 If I arrive late for Orientation day, where do I go?

The TRU Orientation team is available anytime in OM1482. Come by and visit us and we can answer any questions students have.

 I am nervous about TRU Orientation because I don’t know anyone.

Don’t worry. Most new-to-TRU students will be nervous! Come by the table with the "Welcome Booth" sign. There will be several peers and staff available. This will be a fun opportunity to connect, ask questions and make new friends.

 I am a student who has previously attended a post-secondary institution and I am not interested in attending another orientation. Why should I come to TRU Orientation?

The TRU Orientation team is mindful that every student experience is unique so we have planned our program to meet students' needs. We believe it is important that all new-to-TRU students be oriented because your new program will require resources, supports and networking opportunities to create a successful transition to TRU.

 If it is snowing on Jan.11, will TRU Orientation still happen?

Winter Orientation is indoors so no need to worry about weather.

 How will I know what group to meet the morning of TRU Orientation?

For winter orientation new-to-TRU students will not be grouped. Please come by the "welcome booth" to grab a free t-shirt and snacks as well as meet with some peers and staff.

 I am concerned that my disability might inhibit me from participating in activities.

Please contact us at with any questions or concerns you may have and we will do our best to make accommodations to make your experience enjoyable.

 I registered late for my classes and missed the orientation team’s emails. Can I access them somewhere to get the information?

Yes. Every week after the emails go out we will post them right here so you don’t miss any information.

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