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Welcome to Thompson Rivers University - Academic Advising Centre.

Attending post-secondary can be one of the most anticipated events in most people's lives; but it can also prove to be a little daunting. The Academic Advising staff will assist you to move through the system whether you are a Canadian or an International student.

  • Advisors will help you choose the right courses, enabling you to obtain the career and educational goals you have set for yourself.
  • Some of you may find that any questions you have will be answered within this website, while others will need more help.
  • The Academic Advisors are happy to assist prospective and new students with these online tutorials:
  • We also offer more individualized Degree Advising Tutorials for students who have already decided on their area of study.
  • You will also find tutorials and videos explaining the Timetabling and Registration processes for TRU's Summer Session and Fall/Winter Semesters. These tutorials help you to build a conflict-free timetable and explain how to register for classes through myTRU.

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If you have questions about your program, we can answer them. Call or visit our office.

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