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Events and Conventions Management Diploma

Program introduction

Some industry experts consider special events and conventions to be the fastest growing segment of the Canadian tourism industry. This program is designed to provide a practical overview of the function, skills and knowledge required to successfully plan, organize, manage, promote, and evaluate a festival, convention, trade show, or special event. Event planning is a very detail-oriented business. As a result, this program will appeal to individuals who have a high regard for details and the creative ability to manage special events and conventions from inception to fruition.

Special events and conventions are being recognized as great income generators for a community. Because of this, there is a tremendous increase in the number of convention facilities being built in Canada and abroad. Employment opportunities exist within corporations, associations, hotels and resorts, convention centres, municipal convention and visitors' bureaus, and destination management companies. As well, there are plenty of opportunities for graduates with an entrepreneurial spirit to start their own business.

Tourism programs at TRU have the strong support and commitment of industry. Graduates have found employment locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally. Often, employment opportunities for our students have been activated by work experience opportunities that have been built into the programs.

Events and Conventions Management Student Program Plan 2015-2016

Program outline

Suggested course of study
Year 1
Fall semester
Course Course Title Credit
CMNS 1810 Business, Professional and Academic Composition 3
EVNT 1100 The World of Events 3
MATH 1100 Finite Math with Applications I 3
TMGT 1110 Introduction to Tourism 3
TMGT 1160 Organizational Leadership in Tourism 3
Winter semester
Course Course Title Credit
ACCT 1000 Financial Accounting 3
HMGT 1110 Catering and Service Management 3
JOUR 2060 Introduction to Multimedia 3
TMGT 1140 Human Resources Management 3
TMGT 1150 Marketing and Customer Service 3
Total credits for Year 1 30
Year 2
Fall semester
Course Course Title Credit
ECON 1220 Introduction to Basic Economics 3
EVNT 2100 Conference Management 3
EVNT 2260 Managing Festivals and Events 3
TMGT 2010 Financial Operations Control in Tourism 3
TMGT 2250 Hospitality Law 3
Winter semester
Course Course Title Credit
EVNT 2070 Staging Special Events 3
EVNT 2170 Fundraising for Non-Profit Organizations 3
EVNT 2500 Field Experience ($600.00 activity fee) 3
HMGT 2120 Hotel Sales and Service 3
TMGT 2590 Entrepreneurship 3
Total credits for Year 2 30
Total program credits 60

Before graduating, and in order to receive the Events and Conventions Management Diploma, students must complete a minimum of 500 hours of relevant work experience in the tourism industry.